Karate is Making a Difference In Amercia


Karate is Making a Difference In Amercia


Here at the Changing Lives Karate school, we believe in giving you as an individual, the purest skills necessary to defend yourself in today’s society with crime hitting its highest worldwide. We offer the highest levels of professional instruction and a high velocity no-games approach in your training. You will train in a "Karate Safe"  reality based environment that will enhance your level of self-confidence and self-esteem while heightening your levels of mental fortitude to mentally and physically prepare yourself for any and all real-life scenarios. No one has to be a victim and everyone should feel safe in this world with reality based training.


Changing Lives provides you with the best Chesapeake karate, taekwondo a Mixed Martial Arts Instruction. Changing Lives Martial Arts teaches karate, taekwondo, kung fu and krav maga to everyone from tiny tigers and kids to adults and seniors and all levels from beginners to advanced. These disciplines, be it taekwondo, karate, or kung fu, can be practiced by people of all ages, from the very young, to the elderly. For adults wishing to practice these disciplines, the benefits of studying them are the same as for children


Changing Lives Karate is more than just an art and it’s more than just kicking, and punching with a solid workout. We believe in changing lives through a dynamic and motivating curriculum that is a hybrid based style, blending the old with the new methods of professional Karate training. This is where we excel the most. This is where tradition meets the modern levels of curriculum based skills with monitored and measured desired results. You will elevate your skill level in a safe and friendly environment starting with your first class.


Karate Self Defense training is a must in any style of martial arts or dynamic combat systems for military, government, and civilians alike. As a new student at Changing Lives MA you will progress through training phases that will incorporate every aspect of self-defense and street survival tactics.  We teach pure dynamic striking with multi-levels of strike defense drills, knife defense and other various edged weapon defense skills. Changing Lives offers a full line of weapon disarming skills, 360 degree gun defense drills, grabbing, holds, chokes, headlock escapes, defense against blunt objects, and unarmed and armed ground survival skills are used in the training progression stages. With our reality based self defense training you will learn the necessary drills and skills to defend, disable, and defeat attackers of greater size and weight, ones that move quicker and hit harder. YES YOU CAN!  With repetitive training and a professional designed curriculum you can and YOU WILL learn to defend, disable, and defeat and attackers or criminals in today’s world.


What are Hybrid or High Velocity style Martial Art sports, Mixed Martial Arts, and Karate? Hybrid or a High Velocity dynamic style of sport fighting is seen in the world of Mixed Martial Arts such as in the UFC. Traditional Karate and Sport Karate are two very different types of training and styles states, Sr. Master Tracy Lee Thomas of Virginia Beach.

Western Wrestling and boxing along with various other fighting forms, combat sports, reality based systems are indeed physical and mental martial arts forms of practice and theory that has evolved over the years. The general public perception of the martial arts is thoughtfully seen or envisioned as an “art” within the martial arts.  The Origins that were brought from the East to the West are a wide variety and have greatly seen a evolution over the past few decades. Martial arts such as these include, Taekwondo, Karate, Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, and Aikido. Tracy Lee Thomas, a Martial Arts Master Instructor states; “As seen in the sky, our universe holds an abundance of stars both known and unknown that are of great value to our world. Traditional martial arts like the stars in the universe, they hold an unfathomable amount of valued treasures that await a student training in karate at Changing Lives Martial Arts. The programs taught at Changing Lives is more than kicking and punching, it can define a person and give them a more defined meaning in life. Through the traditional aspects of martial arts training and life skills utilized within a training course, one will strengthen and fine tune their mental and physical awareness, agility and self discipline.

Changing Lives provides you with the best Virginia Beach Taekwondo and Mixed Martial Arts  Instruction. Changing Lives Martial Arts teaches karate, taekwondo, kung fu and krav maga to everyone from tiny tigers and kids to adults and seniors and any skill from beginners to advanced students.




About changinglivesmartialarts

CHANGING LIVES MARTIAL ARTS A Martial Arts, Karate For Kids, and Krav Maga school located in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia. With his 30 years of vast martial arts experience, Master Tracy Lee Thomas, founder of Changing Lives Martial Arts has five locations and has been opertating the martial arts business since 1991 in Virginia Beach. Married to Kelly Thomas, they have to children and reside in Virginia Beach. Both Mrs. Thomas and Master Thomas have a strong passion for helping others and it is seen as both are very active in the business and within the community. CLMA is a family owned and operated business that thrives on family values and changing lives. Many of the Changing Lives Martial Arts students are attracted to CL Martial Arts because they want to learn to defend themselves, or how to manage bullies. Others come because they want to tap into martial arts’ vast power as a tool for personal growth and life skills. Still, others come merely because they are looking for a way to get in shape that's fun and spares them the tedious repetitiveness of the gym. Master Thomas has utilized his martial arts buisness model throughout the country with various business'. As a business coach and consultant, Master Thomas believes in working with others to succeed with their personal passion. This desire and passion of his is passed down to each of his instructors and students. If you want to know more about Changing Lives Martial Arts, Master Tracy Thomas, or the programs they offer, please feel free to contact the Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts Team by calling 757-471-9002 or visiting us on the Web at www.atakick.com or www.kravmagavirginiabeach.com
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