Is Krav Maga Training in Virginia Beach Right For You?

This article goes into detail about Krav Maga’s two main benefits, self defense and fitness. It explains why those two factors might make Krav Maga right for the reader.

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Virginia Beach Krav Maga differs from many other martial arts many have studied in the past. There are few martial arts that can be compared to it truthfully. Like mixed martial arts, it employs a combination of strikes, grapples, locks and wrestling. But unlike mixed martial arts, Krav Maga was not developed to win bouts in the ring. It was developed to be used in real life and death situations. Although there is a difference, mixed martial arts offers a wide variety of positive training aspects that can be managed on the street.

Krav Maga was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1930’s by Imi Lichtenfeld. It was derived from the fighting techniques of street toughs who defended themselves against rival gangs in Bratislav in the 1930s. Following the birth of Israel, Krav Maga was adapted and further developed by the Israeli military and security forces. Even today, it is continually being redefined and further developed based on the results of actual battlefield encounters by Krav Maga Worldwide.

Krav Maga is a modern martial art that was intended for self defense in the modern world. The traditional martial arts served a great purpose in its time and still hold great value as an art. Northern Shaolin kung fu might have been great for farmers defending themselves against highwaymen in ancient China, but its usefulness for closed quarters, urban combat situations is questionable. Krav Maga is all about close quarters defense and using the environment to one’s advantage.

But not everyone who trains in Krav Maga does so primarily because they are interested in self defense. There are other key aspects of why it might be right for you.

Krav Maga is also a great workout. Many people who are initially attracted to Krav Maga for self defense eventually find that after training for a while, they are in the best shape of their lives. Like the martial art, it requires immense core strength. It also demands cardiovascular fitness, upper body strength and strong legs. Training in Krav Maga offers a workout that is equal parts aerobic and anaerobic.

Even if physical fitness and health is your primary motive, Krav Maga might be an ideal martial art, different from a mixed martial art, for you. The variety that inherent in the training makes it more interesting than static gym training like running on a treadmill or lifting weights. Because it is more stimulating, many students find they have greater motivation and train more regularly than they would if they were just working out at the gym. The fact that they are also learning a highly effective means of defending themselves is just an added benefit to the rewarding fitness aspects of Krav Maga.

Conversely, many people who are attracted to Krav Maga for purely self defense reasons appreciate the added benefit of being in top physical shape as a result of their training. They also discover that the better shape they are in the more they excel at their training.

Changing Lives Krav Maga is the only school in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake area that is officially sanctioned to offer training in Krav Maga by Krav Maga Worldwide and the ATA, American Taekwondo Association. If you would like to find out whether Krav Maga might be right for you, contact by phone at 757-471-9002 or online at or

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About changinglivesmartialarts

CHANGING LIVES MARTIAL ARTS A Martial Arts, Karate For Kids, and Krav Maga school located in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia. With his 30 years of vast martial arts experience, Master Tracy Lee Thomas, founder of Changing Lives Martial Arts has five locations and has been opertating the martial arts business since 1991 in Virginia Beach. Married to Kelly Thomas, they have to children and reside in Virginia Beach. Both Mrs. Thomas and Master Thomas have a strong passion for helping others and it is seen as both are very active in the business and within the community. CLMA is a family owned and operated business that thrives on family values and changing lives. Many of the Changing Lives Martial Arts students are attracted to CL Martial Arts because they want to learn to defend themselves, or how to manage bullies. Others come because they want to tap into martial arts’ vast power as a tool for personal growth and life skills. Still, others come merely because they are looking for a way to get in shape that's fun and spares them the tedious repetitiveness of the gym. Master Thomas has utilized his martial arts buisness model throughout the country with various business'. As a business coach and consultant, Master Thomas believes in working with others to succeed with their personal passion. This desire and passion of his is passed down to each of his instructors and students. If you want to know more about Changing Lives Martial Arts, Master Tracy Thomas, or the programs they offer, please feel free to contact the Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts Team by calling 757-471-9002 or visiting us on the Web at or
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